Sunday, July 1, 2012

StoriesbyCarlene: Coming Attractions

StoriesbyCarlene: Coming Attractions:

Stepping Out, or perhaps I should say stepping up to the twenty-first century.  I'm celebrating my first ever blog to coincide with e-publishing  a short, autobiographic story on Smashwords.

To summarize for those who want an instant summary -- the short story is about trying something totally new and totally different, riding a motorcycle. And failing utterly, completely, and initially miserably.  If you want details, get the story from Smashwords, it's free.

It was amazing that when I failed, the word didn't stop, I didn't get a scarlet letter branded on my forehead (although I did collect scars & burns from my experience), my kids still loved me, and the sun kept coming up.

Experiencing failure so complete and overwhelming, has given me the courage and insight to try many other things, like writing this bog, which I would have never attempted if I hadn't failed at motorcycle riding.

Life is like that, our lessons are so unexpected from so many different directions.

I'd be very interested in hearing how others have tried & failed, and what the eventual results has been for them.  Feel free to comment.

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